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    Staff Spotlight

    Stephanie Jones, Senior Task Leader, Food and Drug Administration Fully Integrated Records Facility (FIRF)

    Stephanie is the Senior Task Leader, and supervisor, for the AMTIS-HeiTech joint venture team (four quality assurance specialists) serving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in assisting/ensuring that medical device manufacturers, from around the world, are compliant with FDA’s Universal Device Identifier (UDI) regulation. In this role, she interfaces directly with the client. A Maryland native with a BS degree in Public Health from the University of Maryland, College Park, Stephanie’s work experience began in New York City as a Patient Service Specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Her passion for community health awareness brought her back to Maryland where she became a Community Outreach Manager, attending health fairs and local events throughout the DC/MD/VA area and educating the public about the importance of vascular health. Stephanie joined the FIRF team in May, 2016. Recognized for her optimism and sunny personality, Stephanie enjoys creating a fun, productive, and motivating environment in which her UDI team can flourish; in response, the clients openly express their appreciation for the team’s contribution to mission success. Stephanie says that her family and friends are what drive her to do her best, and her dedication to helping others motivates her to pursue her Masters in Public Health degree.

    Phi Phan, On-Site Supervisor, U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration Public Disclosure Room

    Phi Phan was born during the Vietnam War in a family of seven. As refugees, his family re-established in Maryland where he attended junior schools, and then on to college. In 2000, he received the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). A year before he graduated from UMBC, he landed a job with KRA Corporation, a government contractor, and began working at the Public Disclosure Room (PDR) for the Pension Welfare Benefit Administration (PWBA). During those early years at PWBA, he created and maintained certain databases to retain information on Form M-1, also known as, the Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements and the Advisory Opinion Council.
    At the end of 2004, Phi’s tenure at PDR continued; and the agency name was also changed around this time from PWBA to Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA). His new role evolved into working more with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. He handled all aspects of the FOIA request from taking and disseminating information available in the Public Disclosure Room to assisting the agency with gathering important information for assessments and reports. He also oversaw the distribution of ERISA publications with 8 staff where they received over 18,000 calls streaming into the agency publications area annually, and distributed an average of 79,000 publication orders a year.
    In 2012, Phi climbed aboard AMTIS Inc. and continued his journey working in PDR. He performs most of the tasks done previously under the preceding contactors, but the direction has slightly shifted to helping the public with the information readily available on the EBSA website. With the new direction, also brings in a new COR, Kathy Hoover. Though Ms. Hoover was designated as a new COR, Phi has been working closely with her for many years ever since she joined EBSA. In his routine tasks, Phi assists her with preparing periodic reports for policy review and assessment of program effectiveness. He schedules periodic meetings to provide in-depth presentations on the operational process in PDR and identify any problems and recommend solutions, if needed. In building a professional working relationship with the COR, he is confident that Ms. Hoover can count on him and AMTIS to deliver a high quality, efficient, and smooth daily off-site project operation.