Leader Development/Coaching & Facilitation

AMTIS, Inc. is committed to helping you develop talent and prepare today’s leaders for tomorrow.

Leader Development

Leader Development Programs: Highly Interactive, engaging content tailored to your organizational needs. Training courses for senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and new employees.

  • The Leadership Advantage
  • Dress Rehearsal: Preparation for Taking Charge

AMTIS is a Third Party Provider for Ken Blanchard Companies with highly talented and certified facilitators delivering:

  • Introduction to Situational Leadership (1-day)
  • Situational Leadership II Concepts (1/2-day)
  • Situational Self Leadership® (2-day)
  • Situational Leadership® II (2-day)
  • Situational Frontline Leadership (2 and 3 day)
  • Trust Works (1/2-day)
    • Myself as a Trust Builder
    • Leader as a Trust Builder
    • Great Teams
  • Team Performance Concepts
  • Listening
  • Giving Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • Challenging Conversations

Coaching Services

Coaching is an integral component of the AMTIS’ Organization and Leadership Development capability. We believe in a practical approach to coaching, blending industry leading coaching techniques with actionable and functional knowledge to produce measurable results for each client. All coaching delivered by AMTIS is structured to maintain alignment between the individual and the organization, maximizing individual personal development within the context of the organization's desired leadership behaviors and competencies.

We recognize that coaching is a learning technique that is the cornerstone of developing leaders in organizations. Our coaching emphasizes maximizing performance potential by placing priority on improving the participant’s leadership skills, building self-confidence, and increasing individual motivation. Our extensive network of International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified and experienced coaches maximizes performance potential by providing in-person or virtual coaching sessions, shadowing, Individual Development Plan (IDP) development and monitoring, and assessment feedback. Our coaches are experienced in providing feedback for a wide variety assessment tools including the OPM 360, PDI NH Profilor and Time2Change, MBTI, DiSC and others.

Linda Manassee Buell, AMTIS Lead Coach

Linda leads the AMTIS coaching efforts. She combines 35 years in private business, non-profit organizations, and leadership positions in a Fortune 100 business. After 17 years of bottom line and leadership responsibility, she started her own international coaching company in 1996. She has coached thousands of individuals, small businesses, executives and teams across the United States, England, Israel, Japan, Australia, Russia, China, Lebanon and Brazil. Linda is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation since 1999 and she is certified in Change Management Processes, Diversity and numerous 360 Assessments and other diagnostic tools. Linda has managed and led AMTIS coaching contracts across numerous government agencies including the Department of Veteran Affairs, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, National Nuclear Security Administration and the National Aeronautic and Space Administration. She brings her expertise, innovation and enthusiasm to every engagement.

Facilitation Services

AMTIS is extremely experienced in leveraging proven templates and tools to help coordinate, frame, facilitate, and capture key aspects of strategic planning and goal setting meetings. Our facilitators synthesize meeting outcomes and goals into a process for tactical execution. Our approach includes, but is not limited to:

  • Group Participation/Buy-In Techniques—storyboarding, round robin, visioning, small groups, dialogue, ongoing group “check-ins” and reflections/observations.
  • Decision Making Techniques—prioritization matrices, nominal group process, brainstorming, multi-voting, impact/effort grid, and statistical tools.
  • Analysis Techniques—flow charting, assumptions, constraints, risks and issues, root cause, Ishikawa diagrams, as-is and to-be gap analysis, interrelationship diagraph, force field analysis, affinity diagrams.
  • Problem Solving Techniques— use of a plan, do, check, act quality improvement approach, appreciative inquiry techniques.
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning Techniques—activity network diagram, goal identification, tree diagram, action planning matrices, responsibility matrix.
  • Conflict Management Techniques—negotiation and appreciative inquiry tools, techniques, and processes.

We use these techniques as appropriate to guide meetings and participants in achieving desired outcomes. Our facilitators are experienced in reading the audience and can keep a neutral demeanor and a positive tone even when challenging or contentious topics arise. In discussing sensitive organizational issues, we understand the need to balance frank discussion and candor with civility and professionalism. At the end of each session, we always offer an opportunity for participants to provide any feedback and evaluate the meeting either orally or through a brief survey. We then facilitate post-meeting debriefings and lessons learned reviews to discuss activities and results.